Education for Development

Cycles for improvement (Espacio EpD)

Cycles for improvement (Espacio EpD)

El proyecto “The project “Cycles for improvement of teaching practices with an EfD approach” is designed to contribute to the inclusion of Education for Development in formal education through teacher and educator training in Andalusia.

We carry out activities that:

  • Build the skills of teachers and future teachers so that they can incorporate EfD into their teaching work.
  • Provide tools and resources for 32 Teacher Centers (Centro del Profesorado), 25 schools and other education-related stakeholders in Andalusia so they can learn about the potential of EfD in formal education. In order to do that, we held a seminar in May 2018 where participants share transformative teaching experiences. You can download the learning units in this website web de las jornadas and watch the participants’ interventions.

The project strategy consists on training teachers of all levels as well as future teachers through Teacher Centers, schools and the University. This is carried out through training cycles that combine theory with experimentation periods where teachers can design their own EfD learning units and carry them out in the classroom..

One part of the process is carried out through an online platform ( that helps assist the participants during the process and exchange experiences and materials.

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