The power of solidarity

To us volunteering is a personal commitment, a hopeful response against the unjust realities of this world. Our volunteers come and “participate” at first, and then go on to “become” a part of Madre Coraje, of each and every part of our structure, from the base to the coordination roles.

In Spain, our volunteers get involved in the daily activity of our branches, working in the different areas and committing to many activities and initiatives to support our projects in Spain and the rest of the world.

We believe that volunteering is a right that every person should be able to exercise, and that is why we focus in integrating people with disabilities into our volunteer body thanks to our  Social Integration program.

We also offer the possibility of volunteering abroad in Peru for those volunteers who have been working with us for more than a year. They can either work for one of our partners in the field during a medium-term stay, or accompany our technicians in their visits to the projects. We also have “expert” volunteer positions, which depend on the specific needs that our partners in Peru express at a certain point in time. For these, we will always take into account our permanent volunteers first.

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