Development Projects

How we work

Our aim is to contribute to sustainable human development by empowering women and men from Peru and Mozambique through capacity-building processes.

In Peru we work according to our Comprehensive Plan, which is a cooperation strategy that we have been implementing since the year 2000 in the regions of Apurímac and Huancavelica through a network of local partners. We believe in sustainable rural development done in harmony with nature and with quechua culture. Gender equity and respect for the environment and for the local cultures are values that we keep in all our interventions.

Although we choose to work in the most impoverished regions of Peru, our intervention goes in line with the International Cooperation guidelines in relation to middle income countries –we should not act in place of the State, which already has its resources, but instead promote successful experiences that can be assumed as policies and, above all, help strengthen civil society organizations in order for their right to develop to be exercised.

16 development processes in Apurímac y Huancavelica:


  • Finance and production processes in the province of Grau.
  • Education, culture, environment and organization processes on a regional level, which reach the seven provinces of Apurímac.


  • Most of our finance, production, healthcare, environment and educational and political inclusion of women processes are taking place in the province of Angaraes.
  • District of Yauli: consolidation of an economic process.
  • District of Paucará: education process.

We are working toward improving the alpaca business in three districts.

We have been working in Mozambique since 2013. We started in the province of Gaza and expanded in 2016 to Cabo Delgado, in the north. We are still getting to know the country and our local partners. Up to now, we are prioritizing basic necessities and rural development.

Our local partners

Madre Coraje has partnered up with Peruvian and Mozambican organizations and institutions with whom we share values and approaches in the execution of our development programs and projects. Through our field staff, we collaborate in the assessment, design and financial and technical monitoring of the projects.




Our work in the field

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