Madre Coraje

Mission, vision, values

Our history

Our mission and principles

We practice cooperation for the development of impoverished communities by sending Humanitarian Aid and carrying out projects for sustainable development. We have donors and volunteers who are committed to equity, to fighting against injustice and to respecting the environment by educating and raising awareness in our communities. Our ideal is LOVE through our principles: Solidarity, Equality, Gratuity..

Our vision

We hope that, as we exercise our principles, they will be the foundation of LOVE as a movement in our society, as a driving force toward transforming social inequalities in this world. We hope that by exercising our work, Madre Coraje will become a reference of efficiency, transparency and sustainability.

Our messaje for social transformation

We believe in creating a world where all human rights are respected, regardless of race, gender and social class.

A world where the goal of the economic system is the well-being of all people.

A world where it is possible to live in a society that respects the environment and where people consume responsibly.

A world where democracy in all its richness and complexity is a reality and where we can fully exercise our rights and obligations as citizens.

In Madre Coraje we do not only believe this world to be possible, but we are working to create it through responsible love , based in equality, , solidarity and gratuity.


Madre Coraje is a non-profit organization, based on volunteering and participation. It is declared to be of public interest and audited for transparency and good practices by the Lealtad foundation.

We are a member of networks and platforms of associations, working together with other organizations in order to reach common goals. We collaborate with:

  • Andalusian NGO Network.
  • Navarra NGO Network.
  • Development NGO Network of the Community of Madrid.
  • Sevillian Association of Development NGOs.
  • Granada Development NGO Network.
  • Córdoba Civil Society Organization Network (Córdoba Solidaria).
  • Málaga Development NGO Network (Málaga Solidaria).
  • Cádiz Development NGO Network.
  • Network of Foreign Organizations for International Cooperation in Peru (COOECI).
  • Spanish NGO Forum in Peru.

Our history

Madre Coraje was founded more than 25 years ago, in 1991, after our founder –and current honorary president– Antonio Gómez went on a trip to Peru. He came across the hard reality of the so-called “piranha children”, who would rummage through rubbish mountains in order to find food. From that moment on, Madre Coraje has been working to make people’s lives better.

Our name was chosen to honor the memory of María Elena Moyano, a Peruvian social activist and feminist leader who was murdered in Lima by the terrorist group Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) in 1992, when she was 33 years old. Moyano, mother of a 10 and an 8 year-old, was able to build self-governing initiatives to provide food and generate jobs and adequate housing for those in need, and tirelessly fought against illiteracy and violence against women.