Humanitarian Aid

We support at risk communities

Humanitarian Aid was the first area created in Madre Coraje and it has kept, after 25 years, its spirit of cooperation and support for impoverished communities. Our aim is to better the living conditions of communities that are at risk of social exclusion by sending Humanitarian Aid that offers health, educational and emergency support. We also work on preventing emergencies caused by adverse weather events in Andean and Mozambican communities through projects which help mitigate their effects.

We have been able to reach more than 100,000 people through local organizations who work toward the development of impoverished communities in Peru and Mozambique.

Humanitarian Aid

 We send resources

We provide humanitarian and basic necessities to communities at risk of social exclusion. This way, we do not only cover their basic needs but also help build active citizens who are the protagonists of their own development.


We support medical centers, shelters, schools and social homes by sending healthcare materials, first-aid kits and personal care products, as well as soap. We promote education for fostering healthy habits and provide resources to help improve their infrastructures.


We have been able to help to expand and create many new libraries in Peru by sending books. Also, by providing school supplies for children we have helped parents send their children to school with less financial strain. Since playing is learning, we also send toys to stock playrooms, for school events, Christmas parties, etc…


Through providing Humanitarian Aid, Madre Coraje also supports the impoverished communities that do not have the means to endure the cold months or the consequences of natural disasters. We send Aid through Cáritas Peru, which consists mainly on warm clothes, shoes, blankets and soap to help maintain personal hygiene and clean their homes.



We carry out actions aimed at preventing and strengthening responsiveness when emergencies occur. We promote capacity building to face climate emergencies and we help equip their homes and surroundings:


Actions aimed at preserving and saving lives, alleviating suffering and keeping human dignity intact during the crisis. We promote education in healthy habits and help equip houses for better living conditions:

Strengthening organizations

As a complement to Humanitarian Aid, we carry out initiatives that contribute to improving the service that impoverished communities receive from the local organizations supported by Madre Coraje. We promote assistance and education in matters related to healthcare and provide medical supplies to rural impoverished communities:

Humanitarian Aid Interventions

Humanitarian Aid projects supported in the latest years