Our work in numbers

We are a transparent organization

We work with transparency and are committed to fighting against inequalities and injustice. Transparency is a value that we share with our public and private funders, as well as every person who participates in our projects.

  • We periodically offer our donors all the data about the developments of our projects –which we can carry out thanks to their donations– and about how we invest the public and private funds we manage.
  • We receive both private and public grants, involving institutions and organizations in social responsibility.
  • Out accounts are audited every year by an external organization.
  • We are accredited by the Fundación Lealtad , a foundation which analyses non-profit organizations who meet their Nine Principles of Transparency and Good Practices.
  • We have also enabled a whistleblower channel p, through which any individual or organization can denounce and/or communicate any misconducts, or unethical or inappropriate behaviors by any of the people working or volunteering in our organization.

We are a transparent organization:

Fundación Lealtad report: Madre Coraje

How we get our funding

In the year 2017, our results were a bit cut down in relation to the former year. Nevertheless, they turned out positive because of a change in accounting criteria implemented in 2016, according to which all donated items in our warehouses were accounted as income at the end of the year. Applying this criteria has meant a substantial raise in income this year: EUR 1,039,344. Were it not for this exceptional income, the yearly results would have been EUR -244,826.