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Sponsor a child

Madre Coraje supports the work that Religiosas Adoratrices en la República Dominicana carry out with women who are living in exclusion. They help prevent them from getting into prostitution and help take care of their children while the women receive their education.

Thanks to the Adoratrices’ work, these women receive vocational training and are able to get into the labor market, but they need help taking care of their children while they go to school, so the children themselves will not grow up alone or on the streets. Madre Coraje helps cover the costs of childcare thanks to these sponsorships, making sure they have care, food and education thus helping them and their mothers have a better future.

Charitable inheritance

Including Madre Coraje in your Testament will ensure your solidarity lives forever.

Thanks to these charitable inheritances –and always preserving the rights of your heirs, of course– you will contribute to a fairer world.

Create your own campaign

You can always support Madre Coraje by carrying out individual and personal initiatives. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries… can all be turned into a charitable event.

The couple who gets married, the birthday person, etc. can offer their guests the option to use the money that they would have otherwise spent in a present, to donate to Madre Coraje. We can help you carry out this initiative.


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