Social Action in Spain

Advocacy and other campaigns

We include advocacy and social mobilization into our activities. These are essential tools for the civil society to participate in the political decision making process at a local, national and global level by proposing alternatives to achieve human development.

Permanent campaigns we support

Pobreza Cero (Zero poverty)

National movement, coordinated by the Spanish Development NGO Network, created with the goal of involving all sectors of society in the fight against the causes of poverty and inequalities.

Global Campaign for Education (GCE) and Global Action Week for Education (GAWE)

For a week every year, organizations in more than 124 countries take action in order to raise awareness among the among the education community, the media, the citizens and –especially– the political representatives, about the need to guarantee the right to quality education for all people in all parts of the world. GCE is an international coalition formed by NGOs, educational institutions, schools and social movements who work to demand that the politicians keep their commitments on the right to education in every part of the world, based on equitable, inclusive and quality education.

Stop rumores (Stop Rumors) Campaign

Social and communicative campaign created with the aim to fight, on a long-term basis, against the negative rumors and stereotypes that make coexistence in diversity hard in Andalusia and Melilla. It is promoted by Andalucía Acoge federation and it consists on the creation –through training– of “Anti-rumor Agents”.

As well as supporting the long-term campaigns, we adhere to shorter-term campaigns that defend, from our point of view, fundamental causes for every person in the world to have their needs met.

Other campaigns we support

No Es Sano (It is not healthy) It is a campaign carried out by organizations who defend and promote universal access to medicine as an essential part of the Right to Health.

#VenidYa (Come now) is a campaign that demands the Spanish government fulfill their commitment to welcome 17,387 refugees. Despite the campaigns, mobilizations and support from a great number of citizens, the Government is not fulfilling their commitment and, in May 2017, had only taken in 7.5% of the refugees.

We demand that International Law and Human Rights be respected, as well as the commitments made. One way to do this is through a countdown clock that shows how much time is left until the ending date: 26th September.

Gira por la infancia (Tour for the children) : Between 16th and 30th October 2017, we prepared the second edition of the Tour for the Children. This is an educational and social project that toured 15 Spanish cities and aimed to create a new culture of care and preservation of children. Spaces were created where we could listen to the opinions of children, grandparents, mayors, parents and any other community members about everything related to childhood in general and specifically to those children who are somehow in more vulnerable situations.