Your company wins too

ALÍAte is the Madre Coraje program directed specifically to companies who want to become partners with our organization, inviting them to become a part of our social base –a project based on business and solidarity. We are creating value networks that will have a positive impact in your company, our organization and society in general. We want to leave assistentialism behind, as well as the dependent relations between the company and the NGO, and create real cooperative, horizontal relations that benefit all parts equally.

In order to achieve this, Madre Coraje offers mutual collaboration through:

1.-Awareness raising workshops for your employees: we want to offer a different point of view on the world we live in, and we assume the realities and start working toward a fairer world.

2.- Corporate volunteering: we involve your employees in our projects, which contribute to change the world we live in.

3.- Recycling: we carry out campaigns for collecting different donated materials in your company, thus promoting respect for the environment and the re-using of goods.

4.- Social Media shout outs and targeted communication actions.

A partnership that will benefit both you and us!

What we offer

EUR 80 per month

Logo + digital signature for your company: “Empresa solidaria Madre Coraje” (partner company with Madre Coraje).

EUR 50 – EUR 80 per month

  • We will write an article about your company in our blog.
  • We will put you logo on our website.

EUR 30 – EUR 50 per month

  • Your will get our wall calendar.
  • We will write a note about your company in our newsletter.

EUR 10 per month

  • We will send you information about our events in your town or city.
  • You will receive a copy of our Annual Report.
  • You will receive our monthly newsletter.
  • Your will get our table top calendar.
  • We will write a note about your company on our website and Facebook page.
  • You will get a “partner company” sticker.


Call us to 900 11 44 44  (free inside Spain)
or we can call you