Social Action in Spain

Social integration in Spain


We contribute to social and labor integration of disadvantaged groups by promoting education, employment and –when needed– therapy processes as a way to make society better and reach the goals of cooperation. For this reason, our volunteer body includes individuals from all types of groups, and we work as a network with many organizations such as Andalusian Foundation for the Social Integration of Mental Health Patients (FAISEM), Málaga Down Syndrome Association and Sevilla Autism Association.

We have worked with more than 200 people with disabilities, who have integrated wonderfully in our recycling workshops. We also work with other at risk groups, and are involved in programs for Community Service, prisons, etc.

Protagonists of the action

Since 2003, Madre Coraje has been experiencing the integration of at risk groups.
Thanks to these programs we can:

  • Help at risk people feel useful and being the protagonists of solidarity actions.
  • Help all volunteers and employees open their eyes to a new world that they did not know before.