Social Action in Spain

Organic Urban Gardens

We have plots in several parts of Spain so that gardening lovers can grow vegetables for a good cause.

In our  Cádiz urban gardens:

  • 70% of the harvest is donated to shelters and social centers that we collaborate with
  • 30% (max.) of the harvest can be kept by the individuals who grow it for their own consumption.

Between our gardens in Granada and Cádiz, we donate 26,000 kilo a year to social organizations of both provinces.

In Cádiz, some of these organizations are: San Juan de Jerez shelter, Cáritas Madre de Dios self-run kitchen in Jerez, ANYDES association in El Puerto de Santa María, Proyecto Hombre in Jerez, Voluntarios por Otro Mundo shelter in Jerez, Centro Evangelista Adonais in Jerez, Virgen de Valvanuz kitchen in Cádiz, Virgen Poderosa de Cádiz kitchen, Gerasa kitchen in Chiclana, Pan Nuestro kitchen in San Fernando, and Garum kitchen and Mará Association, both in Puerto Real.

In Granada we have a “Charitable” Urban garden, where we work hand in hand with the organization Calor y Café. Both Madre Coraje volunteers and beneficiaries from Calor y Café –who are usually homeless people– work together in the garden.

We distribute the harvest the following way:

  • 50% goes to Calor y Café’s food bank.
  • 30% goes to the volunteers who work in the garden.
  • 20% is sold as “Charity baskets”. This way we promote organic urban agriculture, responsible consumption and food sovereignty. We also create a work space where homeless and vulnerable people can spend their time, feel useful and meet other people and make friends.